Please help test the new desktop pre-release

I haven’t kept up with releases lately so the new one is rather large, it includes 8 new features, 3 security fixes, 19 improvements and 29 bug fixes.

I’m using it already and haven’t noticed any problem but any help with testing would be much appreciated.

If you notice something off, please report here.



EDIT: Deleted my previous post because I had a “senior moment” and confused myself!

  • Joplin 1.0.187 Desktop (Pre-Release)
  • Windows 10 Pro x64

So far I have only two observations:


Most applications I use with a zoom function use ctrl++ to zoom in, however Joplin uses ctrl+=. It’s not a problem to use ctrl+=, just not what I expected. Is this to assist those without a numpad?

Resources Viewer

Doesn’t appear to have a scroll bar on the right. Mouse wheel works however.

Thanks to everyone who contributed all this work. Looking forward to when the update is finalised.

Well, actually this is not entirely correct. All applications say Ctrl +, but actually mean Ctrl =. Or they allow both + and =. On the English keyboard layout - = are without the shift key. So to use Ctrl + would mean to use the shift key. Which is not the case in any of the apps that show Ctrl +.
However, I do understand your point. I know how I can make this work.

But I need Laurent’s ok for this.

For me with a French keyboard, the shortcuts don’t work anyway so not sure I can help. I’ve tried at some point to change them but couldn’t get to anything working. I think my comments are in the PR.

All I can say is that all apps I use, allow = and + for Zoom In (but show the + in the menu item). I’ve opened a PR in case you want to improve the user experience, but feel free to close it.

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I’ve noticed one oddity that’s apparently existed in multiple versions: pressing the end key while the Notebook list is in focus moves the list to the bottom like expected but pressing home doesn’t bring it back to the top. That’s an annoyance that may be fixable under hotkeys in the options dialog.

To duplicate this weird event:

  1. Select a Note
  2. Hold Shift and select any other note
  3. Press End key

This only seems to happen when multiple notes are selected instead of a single note.

@bedwardly-down I can confirm that behaviour.

The problem with the note list, as you have seen, is when the selected item is not on the screen, navigation keys no longer work.

When there is one selected note, we change the selection when you use the navigation keys.

But when there are multiple selected items, we don’t change the selection. And once they are off the screen, the navigation keys stop working.

So the behaviour is inconsistent and I think we should do the same for the multi-selection case as we do for the single. Is losing the selection when using a navigation key acceptable?

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Some problems here…

joplin.log (12.4 KB)

Have you fully backed up your Notebooks to a Jex and moved your joplin-desktop directory elsewhere to start fresh? That message usually shows up when going between Joplin releases that changes the database.

@mic704b that looks amazing. I didn’t think that something like that would just be a one line fix but most definitely in the right direction if it doesn’t introduce any random bugs. Thanks

No new bugs, but just the change in behaviour.

sciurius, if you open database.sqlite in your profile directory, is the “migrations” table present?

This reminds me of this

I moved my ~/.config/joplin-desktop away. Besides, it creates a new ~/.config/joplindev-desktop anyway.

I removed the joplindev-desktop and now it starts fine. Maybe it was a remnant of earlier experiments?

Also, when the database changes between releases I’d expect some form of automigration.

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Of course there is, I wouldn’t expect users to manually run sql to upgrade the database every time it changes.

The part I don’t get is that you had a table missing. You also mention joplindev-desktop we shouldn’t be touched by a production release.

We had a few of these errors lately but I can't make sense of them. The only explanation would be that an empty zero-byte database is created somehow, and so all tables are missing. It's normally not possible that some tables are missing and others are not.

Long term, can’t that lead to possible notebook corruption and eventually possibly lost resources and whatnot? I noticed that when i was using pcloud for syncing (just set up Nextcloud for first time due to free account restrictions creeping up), every so often, I’d lose a random resource from previous notes. It’s not often enough to be worrisome yet and i thought it was pcloud being the culprit. If these keep cropping up, though, that means there could be some serious issues eventually.

I think it’s some other issue. SQLite is very reliable and wouldn’t randomly corrupt the database or drop tables or rows. For the particular issue sciurius had, it might be some problem with the way it was installed or something.

As for missing resources, it would be a different issue. Maybe a problem with sync - there’s no known bug in sync but it could be some edge case we don’t know about. Or some issue with your config. Or some problem with pCloud (isn’t their WebDAV support discontinued?)

Pretty much all of this. And pcloud doesn’t officially support webdav but have it as a legacy feature, from what i can tell. That’s a huge part of my move too, since long term, they could theoretically pull the plug and wipe out my stuff due to this mindset.