Joplin version 1.0.161

Here is a list of a lot of improvments and fixes

  • Improved: Show git branch and hash in About dialog (#1692)
  • Improved: Better logging in case of error while indexing search
  • Improved: When doing local search do not split query into words
  • Improved: For Ubuntu users, added unity to if condition for desktop icon creation (#1683)
  • Improved: Cache code blocks in notes to speed up rendering (#1649)
  • Improved: Optimised resource download queue by exiting early if resources are already downloaded
  • Fixed: Keep back button when opening a note link from the search results (#1727)
  • Fixed: Improved note selection and scrolling when moving a note to a different notebook (#1724)
  • Fixed: Import Evernote audio files correctly (#1723)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with certain commands being repeated in some cases (#1720)
  • Fixed: Set note title to correct size when zoom is enabled (#1704)
  • Fixed: Hide toolbar button text when it is below a certain size (#1699)
  • Fixed: When deleting resource from sync target also delete associated data blob (#1694)
  • Fixed: Add override for ACE editor shortcut Ctrl+K (#1705) (#1342)
  • Fixed: Only log master key ID
  • Fixed: Preserve user timestamps when adding note via API (#1676)
  • Fixed: Fix line break issue when importing certain notes from Evernotes (#1672)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with issue with watching file on Linux (#1659)
  • Fixed: Disable certain menu items when no note or multiple notes are selected, and fixed menu item to set tag (#1664)

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