Joplin version 1.0.143

Here are the news fixes and improvements for this new release

  • Improved support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean search queries (also applies to Goto Anything)
  • Fixes #1433: Some resources could incorrectly be deleted even though they are still present in a note. Also added additional verifications to make sure resources that are still linked to a note are not accidentally deleted.
  • Fix: Goto Anything results were displayed lowercase
  • Fix: Clear selected Notes when switching Notebook (#1387)
  • Fixes #1405: Handle invalid resource tags that contain no data when importing ENEX
  • Fix: Updated Electron and Chokidar to try to fix external editor crashing app
  • Fixes #423: Make sure links are clickable when exporting to PDF
  • Fixes #1427: Support checkoxes behind bullets
  • Fixes #1417: Clipper: Sort the folders in the same order as the desktop app
  • Fixes #1425 (probably): Fix display of images when using VSCode as external editor
  • Change shortcuts for ‘Print’ and ‘Goto Anything’ (#1420)
  • Add option to use soft breaks for markdown rendering (#1408)