Joplin version 1.0.107

Here is a new release that fixes several issues and add new functionalities (or even update dependencies)

  • Translations:

    • Added Dutch (Netherlands) translation
    • Added Romanian translation
  • Fixes :

    • New: Resolves #755: Added note properties dialog box to view and edit created time, updated time, source URL and geolocation
    • Fixes #718: Allow recursively importing Markdown folder
    • Fix #764: Fix equation tag positioning
    • Fixes #710: Don’t unwatch file when it is temporarily deleted
    • Resolves #781 Allow creating notebooks with duplicate titles to
      allow two notebooks with same name to exist under different parents
    • Fixes #799: Handle restricted_content error for Dropbox (skip files that cannot be uploaded to copyright or other Dropbox t&c violation)
    • Provided script to install on Ubuntu (with icon)