Joplin version 1.0.114

  • Fixes:

    • Fixes #832: Enex import: Don’t add extra line breaks at the beginning of list item when it contains a block element
    • Fixes #798: Enable Select All shortcut in macOS
    • Fixes #847: Prevent view from scrolling to top when clicking checkbox and editor not visible
    • Resolves #751: Allow switching between todo and note when multiple notes are selected
    • Fixed potential crash that can happen if editor is not ready
    • Prevent URLs added via A tag from being opened inside app
    • Fixes #853: Replace characters to equivalent US-ASCII ones when exporting files
    • Improved the way resources are loaded to prepare to allow making downloading resources optional, and to make sync faster
    • Fixes #312 (maybe): Removed power saving feature, which wasn’t doing anything and added a possible fix to the UI freezing issue on Linux
  • Improvements:

    • Improved: Handle internal anchors
    • Improved Linux install script


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This also breaks in-page navigation such as ToCs & Jump to top/bottom done through <a href><a id>.

Thank goodness! The version of Joplin notes prior to this one suppressed my power management in KDE in Kubuntu 18.04. Power management didn't work and the computer acted like I was watching a video (the screen never dimmed or turned off, and the computer wouldn't automatically go to sleep). I had to make sure to quit Joplin notes every time I left the computer, which was a bit tedious.

With this latest version of Joplin notes that appears to be fixed. Power management now successfully turns off the monitor and puts the computer to sleep while Joplin notes is running.

Thank you for all of your work on Joplin notes! It is a fantastic piece of software that adds a lot of value to my life. :grin::+1:

Everything works perfectly. No bugs found so far (at least for what I am using Jopling for). Thanks for your work!

Internal anchors no longer work in this version.