How to enable Joplin Cloud sync in terminal version?


I searched for 'sync' on the forums to see if this was already asked by anyone, but there seem to be no relevant threads, so:

I want to use the terminal version of Joplin on the Manjaro Linux installation on my PC (using desktop versions on Windows 11 and laptop Manjaro installation, and Android version on my phone), but after I open it in terminal, I'm very confused how to enter my sync credentials so that my notes can be fetched from cloud. The official guide Joplin | Joplin does not mention where and with which command to enter Joplin Cloud credentials - it only has sections for Nextcloud, WebDAV and Dropbox. Can anyone give me a hint on what exact commands to use for the former?

I was helped on this on Reddit. For anyone who may look for the same thing in the future:

:config 10

:config sync.10.username my_username

:config sync.10.password my_password

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