Joplin Termin token deleted?


I'm running Joplin Terminal (joplin 1.8.1 (prod)) on a raspian distribution (debian 10).
I installed with the recommended method (npm install)
I access to Joplin through it's API.
But I didn't find any way to set the token: I write it myself, but each time joplin is used, the token is delete.

A detailed step by step:

  • I check there is no token with sqlite3 ~/.config/joplin/database.sqlite "select value from settings where key = 'api.token'"
  • I write a token with sqlite3 ~/.config/joplin/database.sqlite "INSERT INTO settings ('key', 'value') VALUES('api.token', '1234567890987654321')"
  • I start joplin server: joplin server start
  • I can access the API with the entered token 1234567890987654321
  • But each time I use joplin command, (for instance joplin sync), the token is deleted from database.sqlite, so next time I'll start the server, I must enter again the token before.

I expect the reason is because I don't enable the API in the standard way... so joplin "doesn't know" it's started, and it deletes the token.

My question: what is the recommended way to enable clipper service with Terminal application? So that the token remains in the database.

Thanks in advance for help.

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