How to get API token of terminal application?

Hi, I want to link joplin with my secretary bot, where can I get my api token?
os: centos7

Since this question was asked, it has been answered over here.

The API token can be retrieved from the database with a sqlite command like this:

sqlite3 ~/.config/joplin/database.sqlite 'select * from settings where key="api.token";'

Hello, I attempted this with my database on version 2.0.1 and it returns no result - would anything have changed in the database structure that would make this command no longer valid? The API server appears to be running properly on my cli installation.

I opened up the database.sqlite in sqlitebrowser and found the settings table. It doesn't appear to have a key api.token, only the following:

Any help would be much appreciated!

The previous answer is outdated. The API key is no longer in the database.

2 options:

  • Desktop app > Config > Web Clipper > Authorization token > Copy token
  • cat ~/.config/joplin-desktop/settings.json |jq -r '."api.token"'

The answer was not wrong at that time. It is now outdated.

Okay, outdated is much better!