How do I set the token authorization with the terminal server?


I am running "joplin server start" to start the clipper server. I now need to get the server to approve the authorization from the browser extension. How do I get the terminal app to approve the authorization in the terminal?

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Any idea about how to do this? I really would like to get this going, without the clipper functionality I am stuck :frowning:

Is this possible or not? I so do not want to waste more time on this :sob:

Hi, what do you mean by "approve the authorization"? Do you mean "how do i find/generate the authorization token in the terminal app"?

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The auth workflow is described there - Is that not working for you?

I think the issue is that it isn't clear how to get the CLI app to accept the request.
Starting the server on the correct port is easy enough but how you then authorise the clipper isn't clear.

 ~ joplin config api.port                                                                                                   
api.port = null
 ~ joplin config api.port 41184                                                                                             
 ~ joplin server status                                                                                                     
Server is not running.
 ~ joplin server start                                                                                                      
12:51:52: Starting Clipper server on port 41184
12:51:55: Request: GET /ping
12:51:55: Request: GET /auth/check?token=<snip>
12:51:55: Request: POST /auth?token=null
12:51:55: Request: GET /auth/check?auth_token=jM0uDU8j1CS52NTO0exISX&token=null
12:51:56: Request: GET /auth/check?auth_token=jM0uDU8j1CS52NTO0exISX&token=null
12:51:58: Request: GET /auth/check?auth_token=jM0uDU8j1CS52NTO0exISX&token=null
12:51:59: Request: GET /auth/check?auth_token=jM0uDU8j1CS52NTO0exISX&token=null

At this point the clipper still states that it is waiting for authorisation from the server, obviously in Joplin Desktop you get the banner and authorise there but how you do the same from CLI I'm not sure.

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I saw that page but I do not understand it a bit. It seemed like you need to be a web developer to make sense of how this is done on the terminal.

@Daeraxa clearly explained my confusion with it.

I mean how it is done like we do with the desktop application. I can just authorize the desktop app to communicate with the extension. There does not seem a way to interact with the cli in a similar way to get the extension approved.

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