Complete Joplin API has been released

A new version has just been released and it includes a complete API to access Joplin’s data:

This is quite new but it should work fine overall. If you notice any bug or missing end point though, feel free to post here.

The documentation is available there:


Looks great, looking forward to exploring this further!
Not sure - you’re probably just not enforcing it yet but I was able to create a test note without the auth token.

Yes that’s right, some calls are for now whitelisted to allow the web clipper to work without an authorisation step. That step might be implemented later on. These are the whitelisted calls:

			[ 'GET', 'ping' ],
			[ 'GET', 'tags' ],
			[ 'GET', 'folders' ],
			[ 'POST', 'notes' ],

However to be safe it’s better to provide the token for all the calls in case the API is changed later on.