Joplin stuck at sync when use from hours of inactive

  • joplin 2.8.8( perform like this since some versions ago)
  • file system sync. with another file sync software
  • windows 11 OS

After a few hours inactive in backstage. Joplin will start with about ten second stuck, and sync status on the buttom will keep doing sync. however, it does not actually sync anything, no file transfer infomation is shown (after i kill joplin and restart it sync will sync correctly).

Is there any topic about this before? i have met this problem since some versions ago.

sync like this

are there any lock files in the <sync target>/locks/ folder?

no lock file is found. It happens after hours of inactive. when joplin is restarted and using, there is no prolem with sync.

For me, I usually run into the stuck sync with unexpected lock files in the Joplin/locks/ folder. deleting them works.

thanks, i'll try this next time if some file is locked.
However is there any risk of losing note if i delete the file in /locks/ folder?

The risk does exist if you handle the lock files manually. I once got conflicts after deleting the lock files, but the conflicts are easier to resolve than the never ending sync.

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