Can i synchronize my \.config\joplin-desktop file by a third party program?

version 2.1.9(prod, win32)

on windows 10

i mean i wanna directly syn my data file(.config\joplin-desktop) by a sync program named Nutstore. not use its webdev.
it happens that

  1. i upload my notes from computer A(A.config\joplin-desktop) onto Nutstore.
  2. install joplin on computer B but not open it.
  3. delete B.config\joplin-desktop
  4. sync from Nutstore to B.config\joplin-desktop
  5. open joplin on B
  6. i can see my notes in joplin on B
  7. i can not create a new note in joplin on B(as far as i tried, other features are fine )
    actually i tried that simplely copy A.config\joplin-desktop to B.config\joplin-desktop not using sync, i still can not create a new note in joplin on B.
    is there some data in .config\joplin-desktop which relates to the path and it makes me failed to do so.

No, this does not work and can lead to data loss!

Use File system syncronisation and sync than this directory.

sorry i do not fully get what you mean.
is this a way to bypass joplin sync to realize the sync by A.config\joplin-desktop -> A\ File system sync_file -> B\ File system sync_file -> A.config\joplin-desktop.
or it can not be realize and i just should not access the .config\joplin-desktop by another sync program

go to Tools > Options > Syncronisation and setup the syncronisation.
Than you can sync this folder with some tool to a other PC.



thank a lot. it really helps me :grinning:

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