Android app very slow to open

Hi, love the application, so please keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I use it on Android and Ubuntu.

One thing I have noticed - opening the Android app takes 30 seconds or so. I have 100 notes or so with very few images.

The screen is white then joplin opens as normal.

This is very frustrating!

Any way to fix this?


I think we need a bit more information. e.g. device, Android version, Joplin version, …
Maybe even a low level debug output from the device to see what’s actually going on.

e.g. I’ve defintely a lot more than 100 notes (500-1000) and it takes less than 2s on my phone to open Joplin.

Android 7.1.2 - LineageOs
Custom kernel - powersave mode (slows the device down, but all other apps open much faster)
Joplin - latest version. It has been the case with all versions

Android debug output:


10-01T06:53:51,30,""“DecryptionWorker: completed decryption.”"
10-01T06:53:50,30,""“DecryptionWorker: starting decryption…”"
10-01T06:53:50,30,""“Settings have been saved.”"
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“Saving settings…”"
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“Garbage collecting alarms…”"
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“Updating all notifications…”"
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“Total resources: 25"”
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“Total notes: 115"”
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“Total folders: 16"”
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“createLocal: 5"”
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“updateLocal: 2"”
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“fetchingProcessed: 7"”
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“fetchingTotal: 7"”
10-01T06:53:49,30,""“Operations completed: “”
10-01T06:53:39,30,”"“SearchEngine: Updated FTS table in 686ms. Inserted: 0. Deleted: 0"”
10-01T06:53:39,30,""“Starting scheduled sync”"
10-01T06:53:39,30,""“Saving updated Dropbox auth.”"
10-01T06:53:39,30,""“Preparing scheduled sync”"
10-01T06:53:39,30,""“SearchEngine: Updating FTS table…”"
10-01T06:53:33,30,""“RevisionService::maintenance: Done in 280ms”"
10-01T06:53:33,30,""“RevisionService::collectRevisions: Created revisions for 0 notes”"
10-01T06:53:33,30,""“RevisionService::maintenance: Service is enabled”"
10-01T06:53:33,30,""“RevisionService::maintenance: Starting…”"
10-01T06:53:31,30,""“DecryptionWorker: completed decryption.”"
10-01T06:53:30,30,""“DecryptionWorker: starting decryption…”"
10-01T06:53:30,30,""“ResourceFetcher: Auto-added resources: 0"”
10-01T06:53:29,30,""“Application initialized”"
10-01T06:53:29,30,""“RevisionService::runInBackground: Starting background service with revision collection interval 30000"”
10-01T06:53:29,30,""“Scheduling sync operation…”"
10-01T06:53:29,30,""“ResourceFetcher: Auto-add resources: Mode: always”"
10-01T06:53:28,30,""“Scheduling sync operation…”"
10-01T06:53:28,30,""“Loaded master keys: 2"”
10-01T06:53:28,30,""“Trying to load 2 master keys…”"
10-01T06:53:28,30,""“Loading folders…”"
10-01T06:53:28,30,""“Loaded master keys: 2"”
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Trying to load 2 master keys…”"
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Sync target: 7"”
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Loading settings…”"
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Database is ready.”"
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Current database version”, “24"”
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Checking for database schema update…”"
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Database was open successfully”"
10-01T06:53:24,30,""“Starting application net.cozic.joplin-mobile (prod)”"

did you do an update of Joplin ?
the “first” start of joplin, when an update has been made, can take a quite long time.

It happens every time, regardless of updates.

It happened on previous versions as well

I appriciate very much this app, but I have the same problem as dirk72.
So I would like to know, if meanwhile there is an solution for this problem.
I use Fairphone OS 19.11.2
Android 7.1.2
Joplin 1.5.1
I'm sorry, but I have no idea how to creat a debug output.
Thank you in advance for your effort!
Kind regard - Ingmar