FileCloud vs NextCloud

i’m currently using nextcloud as my sync target (running on a small nextcloud appliance). but i just saw FileCloud and i was curious if anyone else here had any experience with filecloud? better/worse/etc?


If your primary use of Nextcloud is just as a sync target for Joplin and it works, why change? If your Nextcloud is self-hosted, like Filecloud community, it's also costing you nothing (for the service) apart from voluntary donations. Although the Filecloud community edition is just $10pa (for charity) the fact they can enforce a 14-day "free trial" suggests there is some account creation or licencing server involved. So if you don't pay on time or they go bust does your Filecloud server suddenly stop accepting connections?

The Filecloud docs say that it has, "Support for WebDAV integration" (my emphasis) so you will need to ensure that you can even connect your Joplin clients to it.

Also, if you use other aspects of Nextcloud such as calendar, contacts, email, video chat, file-sharing, desktop sync etc I suppose you can only tell if Filecloud meets your requirements by actually trying it yourself.

It may also be wise to see what functionality you currently use on Nextcloud that may only be part of the "standard" package on FileCloud. If what you require is only in the "standard" package the cost goes up to $1000 pa self-hosted ($50pa per user / min 20 users) or $600pa hosted ($120pa per user / min 5 users). You won't be able to tell during the "free trial" because the trial apparently has all features switched on.

I had discovered Filecloud before your post and thought about taking it out for a spin but you cannot download the package. You have to fill in an online form which apart from your name and phone number asks "Email * (Please use company email for faster approval)". So they have to approve you for a trial. I guess they are after enterprise business. I gave up and that's why I cannot tell you if it's any good :slight_smile:

thanks, but i was looking for more of an experience with FileCluiud and not a thought experiment as to why. But that’s all good.
Why you ask? I’m a bit of a tinkerer. I like to look around and play with differing technologies and see how they interact with my needs and work flows. I have cloud drive accounts, though mainly free), but I do have a lifetime paid 2TB pCloud account. I have both a personal and business related office 365 accounts so i’ve got a fair amount of onedrive space. I’ve been running Tonido (pre-cursor to Filecloud) for years with mixed results. WebDAV implimentation wasn’t so hot and the network locations would disappear periodically. think that’s a big reason why they deprecated tonido over filecloud. and lastly, i have a nextclound instance running on one of these ( with 500mb of storage. Lastly, I’m was a long-time user (~10yrs or so) of Evernote so I have ~20k notes there. my primary intent was to leave evernote and i’ve been tweaking things and using autohotkey to help fill in the gaps between what evernote did and what joplin can do, all told, it;s been a fun ride.

I have 3 windows10 PC’s and 2 android devices in my workgroup.
so i’ve played around with multiple synconization ways, but my current configuration is to sync via nextcloud on the pc’s and webdav on the android devices. what i found, not sure why, is that the nextcloud sync on android would periodically miss syncing some notes. not sure why yet. i have also setup nextcloud shares to allow me to sync my templates ans custom css files across all 3 of my pc’s. which is nice so i have the same interface and functions across the devices. prior to this, i was using pclouds webdav which for a while was working just fine, until it didn’t. i seemed to run into some type of sync fault and when i tried to trouble shoot it with pcloud’s tech support, they weren’t exactly helpful to say the least. hence my migration to nextcloud.

long story short, since i have tonido up and running, i was currious to try their newer product, filecloud. $10/yr for the community edition is no problem. i have traded a few emails with their sales team asking questions and their canned response is always, gee, why don’t you install it and find out, instead of a actual answer. so from that perspective, i’m not too thrilled with filecloud. so your questions on ‘what if’ are absolutely valid and i am asking the same questions as you. i was hoping that someone here could tell me what their experiences actually are with the product. getting a copy of the license file and the community download took about 2 minutes so i’m not sure your comments as to why it was difficult to get the trial. i had the links as soon as i submitted the online form. i’m playing around right now with the configuration to get it up and running. but also, not impressed by the poor usability so far.

anyway, thanks for you perspective and questions and i hope i didn’t come across as a jerk.

take care

Not at all. When someone posts here saying they’ve just seen something online it’s difficult to tell if they have just seen an advert somewhere and instantly posted a question or, like yourself, actually done some research first. I had had a brief look at the product info a while ago and was going to give it a go and have a “tinker”. I thought I’d just mention what put me off trying this product.

I have found that I am getting more and more cautious as the years go by. The vast difference in price between the community and standard plan just said “bait and switch” to me. OK, I’ll admit it, that’s more paranoia than caution but I can’t help it any more! Also it wasn’t so much difficult to get the key it was more the “company email approval” bit that put me off. It suggested to me they wanted an address that the applicant could not ignore / stop using. At that point my “spidey-sense” went off as, probably unfairly, I also envisaged getting spammed rotten by sales after giving them my details!

Anyway, I hope you find what you’re looking for and continue to enjoy playing with technology. I think that I have learnt much more by trying to get something to work than I ever would have by following a book!! **

** EDIT: For the youngsters out there who may read this, a “book” is like a paper version of a PDF but without the ability to search.

haha, i am starting to think that my daughter is one of the few remaining 'paper' book aficionados. but then again, I do almost all of my reading from .epubs or .pdfs... another reason I like aa self-hosted cloud storage. i've got hundreds of reading projects to get thru before i'm too old to see.. :slight_smile:

i don't mind the try it out and see if you like it scenario, but i'm a bit concerned about the bait and switch also. seen that many times and their reluctance to give me any real information doesn't give me any warm and fuzzies. i'll play around a bit more tomorrow and report back here if anyone's interested, but i'm not holding much hope right now as i think filecloud will run on a windows10 pc, but i think for functionality to get things to work properly, i think it needs windows server. little tidbits that i was hoping to get from them beforehand...