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Trying out Joplin as an Evernote refugee. Just in the testing phase right now to see how it works.

I got the docker image up and running (latest tag, log reports 2.13.3), nginx etc etc, certbot and so forth set up (because testing on iOS apps requires https...) and got some evernote ENEX files imported on macOS desktop app (2.13.12). So far so good.

I created a few test users and tried to share some notebooks between them (sharing from macOS desktop app). it seems to share fine -- no errors etc. -- and i synchronize pre and post share. But when I pull up an account on an iOS device (which would be the plurality consumer) and set up to synch... it doesn't pull in anything that was shared for other users. No errors I saw that look like they are going to help chase this down.

Spent quite a while hunting around for similar issues and haven't found too much (one related issue was solved by a newer server version, one is just about tags, etc but nothing matching this exactly). Any advice here?

Also researching, i found I could not share from an iOS device -- and that just seems to be the expected current state of affairs. Is there a plan to update the mobile apps?

thanks in advance, your project seems exciting!

Ok, so I've finally figured out --

When you share a notebook to a different account, that notebook won't automatically show up for that user everywhere. First they have to accept it -- which seems like the right behavior.

However, I see that

  1. The iOS app doesn't have the ability to see and accept/reject sharing requests, it seems that can only happen from the desktop app currently.
  2. In the case of multiple shared items (pending requests for sharing), the desktop app tooltip doesn't have a way to differentiate (just user@email shared a notebook, accept/reject)

This is problematic if one can't guarantee that all users will have (and regularly use) a desktop app. I can probably get around this for my specific use case (probably i will control most users accounts and can cycle through them myself for sharing the common things), but in the general sense it is limiting.

Are there plans to extend the mobile applications? Or -- maybe it would make more sense to generate the request approval as an email instead -- with some details about the notebook (name, etc.) -- which would be platform agnostic, and there's a framework maybe there already from new user account creation+confirmation process?

Marking above reply as solution because it does answer my original complaint (why aren't shared notebooks showing up for mobile users) but just popping in to ask again, as no other replies have shown up --

I think there are some common-sense suggestions here for improvement. I fully understand the limits of development time and resources. But is there a better place they should be filed to someday, maybe, make it up a list of things to work on?

Maybe someday I will take a look, but no promises, web/server dev is not my area of expertise.

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