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I got the Joplin Pro account (on mac os and iphone), so that I can share notes with someone that has the basic account (on android). I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, because I read so much forms and the recipient still does not have access to that shared folder. Do you know what is a common mistake? Does she have to accept the invitation on a desktop version of Joplin? I do not have encryption enabled and she does not, so thats not the issue. Would really appreciate if you have any tips. Thank you for your time.


The 3.0.2 pre-release is the first version where shared notebooks can be accepted on mobile (support was added in this pull request). As such, if the recipient is using Joplin < 3.0, invitations need to be accepted on desktop.

Pre-release versions can be found here. See Joplin's release cycle for an estimated release date.