Joplin Server - made the mistake up updating my clients. Any way out of this conflict nightmare?

I'm running the pre-release Linux server in a container at home. Everything was running along just fine with the server and multiple desktop clients running 1.5.12 but then I saw a client update. I checked the pre-release post a saw it says i would need "Joplin v1.6+ clients". I assumed it said i needed the 1.5.12 when i installed the server originally and so i updated 1 client. I have clients with tons of conflicts now in all sorts of disarray. So I've updated and downgraded multiple clients at this point and I think i'm just making things worse.

Anyone else have this issue and is there anyway out of this without losing the many changes i've made on various clients at this point?

I assume there are no backups?

Facilitating a 'clean-sheet' by removing every server/client instance, installing a new server instance from scratch, restore data and connect fresh clients to it?

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