Pre-release v2.6 is now available (Updated 9 Dec)

BREAKING CHANGE: If you're self-hosting Joplin Server you'll need to upgrade it to 2.6 too to work with this version. This is because it's now making use of the native locks, which improves sync performance and reduces server load. As a general rule Joplin Server is backward compatible with older Joplin clients so you're never forced to upgrade all your clients. However newer clients might require a specific Joplin Server version and in that case you might have to upgrade from time to time.

  • New: Sort Order Buttons and Per-Notebook Sort Order (#5437 by Kenichi Kobayashi)
  • New: Added support for notebook icons (e97bb78)
  • New: Implements Sync-Scroll for Markdown Editor and Viewer (#5512) (#2242 by Kenichi Kobayashi)
  • New: Add support for encrypted notebooks via Joplin Server (#5529)
  • New: Add shortcut for bulleted list (#5698 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • New: Add support for faster Joplin Server built-in sync locks (#5662)
  • New: Add support for more style of highlighted texts when importing ENEX files (89179c2)
  • Improved: Allow showing passwords in Master Password dialog (79d97f2)
  • Improved: Fixed and improve laggy scroll in text editor (#5606) (#4827 by Kenichi Kobayashi)
  • Improved: Improved error message when a file cannot be uploaded or downloaded (567ba06)
  • Improved: Make code blocks horizontally scrollable on note viewer (#5740)
  • Improved: Plugins: Allow posting messages from plugin to webview (#5569 by @agerardin)
  • Fixed: Currently opened note is not updated after sync (5582) (#5711) (#5582 by Kenichi Kobayashi)
  • Fixed: Fixed button to upgrade a master key (725c79d)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue that could cause application to needlessly lock the sync target (0de6e9e)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with parts of HTML notes not being displayed in some cases (#5687)
  • Fixed: Long resource filenames were being incorrectly cut (#5653)
  • Fixed: Message in search box dialog was not readable in dark mode (#5666)
  • Fixed: OneDrive login screen was not readable in dark mode (#5726)
  • Fixed: Plugin secure settings would be lost if keychain is not enabled (#5720)
  • Fixed: Sharing multiple notebooks via Joplin Server with the same user results in an error (#5721)
  • Fixed: Text was unreadable in dark mode when dropping a note on Rich Text editor (#5710)

Thanks to you and everyone else for all your hard work!


The new Per-Notebook Sort Order functionality is very nice.


Nice update !
However, it seems that it disturbed the spacing between the title lines of the notebook :wink: But maybe it's related to the theme (@Nacandev)

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I think it's indeed a theme issue as for me it looks fine with the default dark theme.

Edit: The vertical alignment of icons doesn't seem right by default though, I'll check.


Great changes!

But did something change with the interpretation of numbers, especially leading zeros regarding the alphabetical sort order? Now leading zeroes seems to get ignored and thereby equal numbers seem to get sorted randomly like this:


Is there a criteria which results in the ordering afterwards, that i cant see (date of creation or something)? The alphabetically sorting of notebooks seems to behave different (here a 003 gets sorted higher than a 2). Maybe that could be alligned.

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Release 2.6.4 is out - Release v2.6.4 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

  • New: Add date format YYYY/MM/DD (#5759 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Allow flags for native wayland (#5804 by @stephanoskomnenos)
  • Improved: Also duplicate resources when duplicating a note (c0a8c33)
  • Improved: Improved S3 sync error handling and reliability, and upgraded S3 SDK (#5312 by Lee Matos)
  • Improved: Improved error message when synchronising with Joplin Server (#5754)
  • Improved: When exporting as HTML, pack all images, styles and scripts inside the HTML file (98ed2be)
  • Fixed: Fixed sharing notebook when recipient is not allowed to share (1bb7bbb)
  • Fixed: Handle duplicate attachments when the parent notebook is shared (#5796)
  • Fixed: Opening a file with ctrl and click leads to an error in the Rich Text editor (#5693)
  • Fixed: Rich text editor flashing white when switching notes/editor (#5793) (#5311 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Sync wizard is displayed incorrectly in dev mode (#5749) (#5373 by @Rishabhraghwendra18)