Joplin Server and multiple profiles


I've been using Joplin for almost a year now and I must say it's been a pretty pleasant experience so far. It's definitely the best note taking tool, period, and I use it to practically everything, from quick saving webpages (I don't think there's a better web clipper than Joplin's) to my daily shopping lists.

Well, I've been using Joplin in a multi profile scenario. I have it installed on my desktop (Arch Linux, Joplin version 1.4.19, which I run using the --profile parameter) and on my smartphone (Android, Joplin version 1.6.6, which I'm able to run with two profiles thanks to Samsung's Secure Folder). The notes are encrypted and the sync method I've been using on both the phone and the desktop is the file system folder (which I keep synced thanks to the also excellent SyncThing).

Well, it's been working nicely so far, but then I read about the recent Joplin Server alternative, and I thought it could maybe be the solution to finally be able to install Joplin on my iPad (which doesn't work with the current Syncthing solution I use).

So the question is: If I install Joplin Server on a little server I have here will I be able to keep this multiple separate profiles I have now? If so, what would be the best way to do so? And if it's not possible, is it something the devs maybe would consider as a future enhancement?

Apart from the multiple profile thing, are there many advantages of using a Joplin Server instead of a decentralized approach like the one I've been using?

Thanks for any help.

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