Joplin server doesn't handle profiles

It'd be noted to users that Joplin server doesn't handle profile and will merge and sync all notes without taking care of those.

It'd be noted somewhere, before using profiles with Joplin server has it could be a major loss data !


Joplin Server should handle it just fine? You just set up a new target same as you would with any other client.

Sorry not in my experience.

  1. I've used the linux joplin desktop app and have created a new profile
  2. I've created differents notes on those ones
  3. While synced, all of them merged.
  4. Worth, if I delete one, it'll be deleted on all profiles.

I use the last version of Joplin server (2.7.4)

You didn't try to sync it to the existing profile did you? The sync targets don't sync profiles, they are just for one profile. This is the case for all the sync targets, not just Joplin Server.

Do you mean that a profile is equal to a user ?!
That would make sense then.

I think that profile should be renamed user in the client app then !
Question of nomenclature.


Yes, essentially they aren't linked, they are independent profiles that you can just easily swap between.
I've made a comment about the potential confusion before as it seems people have different assumptions as to what the functionality is to the point where yes, I believe clarification is needed but "user" from the client perspective I think is even more confusing. - Joplin 2.8 is available! - #19 by Daeraxa

I think it is interesting that people have very different ideas about the multiple profiles.
I see it as a way to enable isolated profiles that I can do what I want with. If I want a device at work with only my work data, a device at home with only my personal data and a third device with both then it enables this just fine where my primary goal would be that certain devices simply don't have access to data stored on others at my choosing.
However it seems that others see this as an additional "level" of categorisation where keeping everything under a single sync is important, the "sandboxing" isn't essential and therefore expect any profiles to be synced to any new devices they set up.

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It's not exactly that because many settings are shared between different profiles, while a "user" (e.g. in the OS) usually indicates that everything is separate :slight_smile:.

Do you mean that one user could have mulitple profiles and sync them with Joplin server ?
Thats doesn't work here.

Each profile on a Joplin client needs its own, independent sync target.
On WebDAV or similar you just give it a different folder to store its data (i.e. your main profile is Joplin and your secondary profile could be JoplinWork).

On Joplin Server you can do the same by creating a new user, the same as if you had a Joplin Portable install or simply a different client on a different PC entirely.

Thanks !
Then on joplin server, one profile equals one user to sync.