Joplin 2.8 is available!

As always a lot of changes and new features in this new version available on both desktop and mobile.

Multiple profile support

Perhaps the most visible change in this version is the support for multiple profiles. You can now create as many application profile as you wish, each with their own settings, and easily switch from one to another. The main use case is to support for example a "work" profile and a "personal" profile, to allow you to keep things independent, and each profile can sync with a different sync target.

To create a new profile, open File > Switch profile and select Create new profile, enter the profile name and press OK. The app will automatically switch to this new profile, which you can now configure.

To switch back to the previous profile, again open File > Switch profile and select Default.

Note that profiles all share certain settings, such as language, font size, theme, etc. This is done so that you don't have reconfigure every details when switching profiles. Other settings such as sync configuration is per profile.

The feature is available on desktop only for now, and should be ported to mobile relatively soon.

Save Mermaid graph as PNG/SVG

This convenient feature allows exporting a Mermaid graph as a PNG or SVG image, or allows copying the image as a DataUrl, which can then be pasted in any compatible text editor. Thanks Asrient for implementing this!

Publish a mini-website using Joplin Cloud

Joplin Cloud now supports publishing a note "recursively", which means the notes and all the notes it is linked to. This allows easily publishing a simple website made of multiples and images.

To make use of this feature, simply select Also publish linked notes when publishing a note.

And more!

In total there are 38 changes to improve the app reliability, security and usability. Full changelog is at Joplin Desktop Changelog | Joplin


Thanks for all the work on this!

Would it be advisable to submit a pull request to get the new profile support added to the Help page under the Features section?

Yes that would make sense, all docs update are always appreciated, especially to add a feature that's not yet mentioned in the doc.

The 'recursive share' feature is for Joplin Cloud only, and not self-hosted Joplin Server? (I'm running up-to-date versions of both and don't see the checkbox.)

It's not on Joplin Server yet, so it's disabled.

Thanks for the update! Multiple profiles sounds very interesting to create more order.
In the desktop version I see 'Switch Profile'. But not in the Android version.
How does the destop version work with the android version if you have multiple profiles?

Multiple profiles are only available in the desktop version. So I assume that we should wait with creating profiles until they are also available in the android version. :slight_smile:

If your phone supports app cloning then essentially you already have it built in, the profiles themselves aren't sync'd, they each have their own sync properties.

I just had a thought about the multiple profiles and syncing.
With NextCloud, WebDAV or Joplin Server (and I assume S3) it is trivial to create a new sync target for use by any additional profile by just creating a different folder to sync to as the folder is explicitly added to the target URL.

However on Dropbox (and I assume the same of OneDrive) the auth process simply creates a single "Joplin" folder in "Apps" which would make it impossible to use the same platform to sync multiple profiles.

Could there potentially be an enhancement here so that a second profile could have its own sub-directory on the target using the "Name" field of the profile?


I cloned Joplin on my android smartphone. As a test, I created a second profile in the desktop version with synchronization with Dropbox. This asks permission for the Apps/Joplin folder, which is the same location as the first profile. I stopped there.
If my cloned Joplin also syncs with Apps/Joplin, won't I get the same as in the other Joplin?

Oddly enough I just thought about that and posted a message literally about 5 seconds before your reply came in which validates my thought process quite nicely.

Then we have the same thoughts. I had written the text at the same time. :slight_smile:

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The solution would be if we could freely choose a folder within Dropbox etc.

I think the access Joplin uses means it is contained only to the Apps folder which is definitely the safest way to do it rather than granting full access to the whole Dropbox. My thoughts to have the sub-directory named after the profile name is simply that it reduces the burden on any less technical users and "it just works" when you create two named alike profiles on different devices and auth dropbox again.

Although thinking about it that doesn't solve the issue if you setup "Work" as the primary profile on one system but "Personal" on another as the intial profile is just called "Default". i.e. it depends on which order you create the profiles.

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A test with onedrive works well. Looking forward to the Android version update!

That came up on Twitter. There's indeed a problem for OneDrive and Dropbox, although it's possible to go around it by creating a second Dropbox or OneDrive account. I'm not sure if that issue will be addressed or not as I don't think it will be a trivial fix.

Is there a safe way to move or copy data from profile 1 to profile 2 (the new one)? Is exporting to .jex and importing into profile 2 a safe way?

Maybe a "PRs accepted" case?

I think it is interesting that people have very different ideas about the multiple profiles.
I see it as a way to enable isolated profiles that I can do what I want with. If I want a device at work with only my work data, a device at home with only my personal data and a third device with both then it enables this just fine where my primary goal would be that certain devices simply don't have access to data stored on others at my choosing.

However it seems that others see this as an additional "level" of categorisation where keeping everything under a single sync is important, the "sandboxing" isn't essential and therefore expect any profiles to be synced to any new devices they set up.

That is probably the best method, yes, JEX is lossless so you will have all your data intact.