Synchronize with several servers?


I’ve recently discover Joplin. I think this will end my long quest of a proper solution for a notebook shared between Mac and Android, which won’t be on a GAFAM server (including Evernote). You guys rocks ! Thanks !

I have a request. (an not a small one I guess … sorry)

Something I would truly appreciate in Joplin would be the possibility to synchronize with several servers, for separate notebooks.
A example of how I would use it to explain the usefulness :

  • One server for professional notes. Would be on the company WebDav server. I’m not allowed to put professional data on a GAFAM server (including Dropbox, or anything outside the company).
  • One server for personal notes. Could be on Dropbox or Framadrive (WebDav). I really don’t want to put personal data on my company server !
  • An maybe other servers to share notes with wife, family, the management of my kayak club, etc …
    (For this item, I’ve seen General compatibility and usage, where Laurent says the ‘share’ feature is a priority. Very good news !)

Maybe one day ?


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You can do that with the Joplin Desktop and Joplin Terminal by managing the options

--profile /path/to/profilePro
--profile /path/to/profileOlivier
--profile /path/to/profileFamily

But on Android you can not (yet) switch from a profile to another.

It’s a project idea in GSoC:


I've think of the way I whish I could use Joplin. I need a notebook on a professional server (can not put professional sensitive data elsewhere). I need a personal notebook on another server (really don't to give access to my personal stuff to my company). I need notes to share with the wife. Could be on the same server than the previous ones. I need notes to share with people in my sport association (which have a specific server).

Restarting Joplin each times I need to access another notebook would be a pain in the neck. Having access to several notebook on several servers would be a real plus for me.

Thanks for all this work :slight_smile:


@oliviermarti, great suggestion. As someone with an iPhone and Android phone and a Linux PC, this feature would be a godsend, especially since I use all three for different purposes and would love to have a bit of a disconnect between those uses as much as possible. I’m also looking to move from OneDrive to pCloud (another hosting service) for security reasons and better support across multiple platforms.