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I am currently testing Joplin for personal use and have come to the conclusion to use something like this for business as well. Now it's just that I sync my private notes on my own Nextcloud server and of course I'm not allowed to do that with the business documents.

Now I found a few threads from 2020 and 2021 where people asked about different sync targets or the ability to use multiple profiles. At least in those threads, these topics did not offer any solutions, but only addressed the issues with such setups.

Is there any progress on these issues or is it possible to run a second instance of Joplin?

Thx & Bye CD

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Joplin 2.8 added the ability to create multiple profiles.

Multiple profile support

Perhaps the most visible change in this version is the support for multiple profiles. You can now create as many application profile as you wish, each with their own settings, and easily switch from one to another. The main use case is to support for example a "work" profile and a "personal" profile, to allow you to keep things independent, and each profile can sync with a different sync target.

To create a new profile, open File > Switch profile and select Create new profile, enter the profile name and press OK. The app will automatically switch to this new profile, which you can now configure.

To switch back to the previous profile, again open File > Switch profile and select Default.

Note that profiles all share certain settings, such as language, font size, theme, etc. This is done so that you don't have reconfigure every details when switching profiles. Other settings such as sync configuration is per profile.

The feature is available on desktop only for now, and should be ported to mobile relatively soon.



Joplin 2.8 added the ability to create multiple profiles.

Great, that makes things much easier. Thanks for the reference...

Bye CD

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