Can't edit my files with vscode in joplin terminal

I've started using Joplin recently. I have normal installation and Joplin terminal at the same time to have different profiles for myself. The version is: 2.3.3. I use VScode as my markdown text editor.
I have no problem with the normal GUI installation. With terminal, however, when I want to edit a note, no matter the content of the note, it opens a blank document for me in the tmp folder where the Joplin profile is located and gives it a random hash. This document does not reflect the note I'm working on. When I change it and save it nothing happens to my note in Joplin and it doesn't show the content of my note, either. When I hit enter again it gives me a new blank document with a new hash in the tmp folder which again has nothing to do with my original note.
I experimented with some text-based editors like nano and vim and they don't have this problem. But my main text editor is VScode and I want to use it to write my notes.
I also should note that I have configured my editor to be VScode, correctly, and Joplin recognizes and opens VScode but the files in the VScode and the notes in the Joplin don't match.

I solved this myself!
I wanted to delete this topic, but I don't to keep it a reference for someone who has stumbled upon the same problem.
The solution is to use a -w flag:

config editor "code -w"

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