Joplin Portable won't run

I would like to give Joplin a try as a possible replacement for Evernote. My wish is to “install” it on a USB drive, so I downloaded the portable version. When I run it, it opens a Joplin window that is blank, and that’s as far as it gets. I tried running it from on the USB drive as well as on my laptop’s hard drive (Windows) but no luck. Anyone know what is wrong?


Could you try to start in debug mode and see if there’s any error in the console?

Is that Windows 32 or 64?

I tried to follow the directions on that page, but I’m not able to locate the place in the directory

( * Add a file named “flags.txt” in the config directory (should be ~/.config/joplin-desktop or c:\Users\YOUR_NAME\.config\joplin-desktop ) with the following content: --open-dev-tools --log-level debug)

where the .txt file is supposed to be created.

It’s Win8, 32 bit OS, x64-based processor

32-bit versions had issues recently. Can you try with the very last version?

The portable 1.0.140 looks to be working just fine.

Thank you!