Arm version

Joplin is yet not supported for arm? I'm trying to run this in my macbook air m1 with asahi. Is there any possibility for arm support?

There are ARM64 binaries for macOS available at

They mentioned Asahi so they are after a Linux binary rather than macOS.

There aren't any official releases with ARM support but you might like to have a look at the Snap which recently announced experimental ARM64 support and it seems to be present in the flatpak as well.

The "experiment" is going pretty well, no one's complained so far!

Admitedly the ARM64 version of the snaps only got about 0.2% of the users at this point which means I've not had much opportunity for feedback. But as this point I'm likely to keep it around as an option.

The Flatpak's had it for something like 2 years already, so I think they're inclined to keep it as an option too.