I built a windows arm64 version, installed but didn't work

Hi there. I built a windows arm64 version of Joplin. It is built successfully and can be installed on windows arm device. But when I run Joplin, I can see the processes in the task manager (and they are in native arm64), but there is no GUI displayed.

Here's what I did to built it:

  1. install node and enable yarn.
  2. install MSVC C++ arm64 build tools (v142+) in visual studio.
  3. open visual studio's x64-arm64 cross-compilation command prompt.
  4. git clone joplin source code.
  5. run 'set npm_config_arch=arm64'
  6. in the app-desktop's package.json file, edit the target arch to "arm64" so that it will package arm64 installer.
  7. run 'yarn install' in the source code root folder.
  8. run 'yarn add electron-builder --dev' to install electron-builder.
  9. run 'yarn run dist' in app-desktop folder to package the installer.

Is there anything I did wrong, or anything I missed?
I think the native modules will automatically compiled for arm64 stracture by electron-builder, is that right?

Thank you for any help.