Joplin ipad app sync to empty server

  • The version you are using. 12.10.5 Apple ipad app
    I have allNotes locally on Ipad and installed a new empty Nextcloud server to sync to.
    When I sync Joplin ipad app, it seems that Joplin only allows for a one way sync Server-to Ipad as the error message mentions failsave preventing my local notes to be erased.
    i need Joplin to sync my local notes to the (empty) server.
    How do I sync all my local Notes to my new server?

Visit Settings/Synchronization, click on Show Advanced Settings.

You will see "Re-upload local data to sync target" with a button.

While I have not used this feature, seems like it is what you need....

thanks but on Joplin mobile apps that menu option does not exist (not on ipad and not on iphone and not on Android).

Apologies, I missed the iPad reference when I replied. Unfortunately, I don't have any other options to suggest. I thought there might be an export option on iPadOS like there is on MacOS, but that is missing as well.

Hopefully another person or support can chime in with a better answer.

Maybe the only option is to copy all Joplin notes files from iPad to my Joplin folder on PC and try an import there.
Does anyone know where on the iPad I can find the Joplin files?

iOS is extremely restricted, so you're not going to be able to access any Joplin files directly unless the device has been jailbroken and you've got full filesystem access.

Ok. Understood. Thanks
What other way is there to get my iPad notes onto the server? I would think that’s a common problem. Why is there no export / import function on the app?

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