Help needed (sync)

Hello, I am having trouble syncing using by ios mobile device. Can anyone explain me how to correctly sinc using the Joplin Server and what url I should put? Thanks!

Which URL do you use to access the login page?
You should put in this one, just without the /login.

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I am using the app so I cant see the url. Is there any other way? Thanks and sorry if I misunderstood your reply, I don't know anything about tech

@JoplinAccountHelp Joplin does not currently provide a server to sync from (I believe it will be available in the future). If you'd like to sync notes with Joplin you'll need to use a 3rd party cloud storage service, I recommend Dropbox, because it is the easiest to set up.

You can get a free dropbox account here. Inside the app you can select dropbox as you Synchronization Target.

Joplin is actually a client of note taking. It does provide methods to sync with remote cloud service but doesn't provides the service by default. You should set up cloud service by yourself firstly before do any syncing.

How do I set up the server?

If you want to set up and host a Joplin-Server, you may want to take a look at this discussion: Joplin Server pre-release is now available

goto Dropbox and make your own account, then connect Joplin with Dropbox service in Joplin settings.

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