Help! Almost all data is lost!

The nextcloud server that I was synching with for a year appears to be offline for several days.
In attempt to relocate the data to another server I lost all my data on Mac (unfortunately did not have any back up).

The only place I have all the data now is on iPhone, however when I try to sync it with the empty new target it kicks in fail switch and warns me that all the data will be deleted.

How can I set up "Re-upload local data to sync target" on iPhone app?
If it is not possible, how can I save the data on iPhone to Mac to re-sync?


Also no backup from the nextcloud service?

Change the synctraget to an empty one is like a other client has deleted al notes.

Not sure if this works on iOS.

  1. Close Joplin on your MAC
  2. Rename your Joplin profile to joplin-desktop-org
  3. Start joplin (a empty profile is created)
  4. Close Joplin
  5. On your Phone Configuration > EXPORT Profile
  6. Copy the files to your MAC in the empty Joplin profile and replace all files
  7. Rename the mobil.sqlite to database.sqlite
  8. Start Joplin

Unfortunately there is no such an option as export profile under iOS.

@laurent or @tessus what can I do to save my data?

Well the thing with backups is that they need to be done before all data is lost. Now I'm not sure, maybe you can try to switch to a different sync target like Dropbox, sync with it from your phone, then sync with it with the desktop app.

I tried to sync with a different target, and fail save kicks in to tell me that all the data will be deleted. How can I force save all the data to a new server on iOS as I can do on Mac?

You need to sync with something that you've never synced before, so that's why I've suggested Dropbox. But iOS is the worst device to have your data stuck on, since there's no way to get it out other than via sync, which could very well wipe out everything. So if there are any particularly important notes, I'd just copy and paste then first to some text file.


Thank you @laurent!

I tried to sync an iOS app with a different Next Cloud server and that did not work - prompting me that it will delete all my notes locally as the server did not contain any data.
However I tried your advice to sync iOS notes with Dropbox and it worked - I was able to sync Joplin on iOS with Dropbox and then by syncing a new blank version of database on Mac with Dropbox I was able to get all my notes back. Well it was stressful and I will do better with backing up my data locally.


Yes have a look at the backup plugin for instance, it's very good to take care of that automatically.

Excellent suggestion, @laurent! Really appreciate it!
I was not aware about this plug in. Just installed it and it is exactly what I was looking for as a back up plan.
Thank you!

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