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Just wondering if it’s too late to submit a new candidate? It’s basically 2 sheets of paper (or sticky notes) held together with a paper clip – overall the paperclip looks like a J. Colors can be changed, but would love to get feedback. Here’s what I came up with:

(Be sure to click the image to view it at 100%)


Here’s the same thing with a bit of shadowing to make the J look sharper:

White background:

How it looks among other icons:


Finally, just in case everyone is partial to the Joplin OG colors… here it is:



@Etho201 LOVE LOVE LOVE those!!! I especially like the shadow, it really pops. That’s easily my favorite of all I’ve seen so far. Thanks for posting the individual icon. I grabbed it and made it the icon on my desktop. For grins and giggles, how about making the paper clip the same color green as Evernote?

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Unfortunately it is. Laurent mentioned in a previous post that no more icons are accepted. You really should have submitted it earlier. I reckon this icon would have had a good chance to be a top contender.

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Who are we kidding, it would have probably won.


That looks objectively good. No offense to A-E, but if this is a permanent change, then they are not even contenders here.

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I vote we re-open the poll for a month to allow more submissions. I love Etho201’s paperclip.
On the other hand, Joplin is open source, so we can make it whatever we want. I already applied the paper clip to mine.


That is really too bad. No offense to the existing candidates as they are all good in their own way, but it doesn’t seem many people are super thrilled about them.

When I saw this poll I felt compelled to design something new out of the passion I have for Joplin. I think it’s nearly the perfect note taking app but just needs a bit more modern looking design to it (starting with the logo and icon) – thus I came up with this paperclip design. If somehow the poll is reopened to include my design and if by chance mine wins, I promise to work well with the community to make whatever adjustments may be needed to make this work (ie: moving the paperclip down some, changing colors, etc…).


It’s not my call. I wish you had added your icon when Laurent opened the topic New icon for Joplin! a month ago.

And thank you all for the very kind feedback regarding my design proposal! :slight_smile: I was actually inspired by @biscuittoman with his proposal of the reversed paperclip making a J.

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Me too! I unfortunately wasn’t aware of this until a few days ago as I started looking more closely at the website and on the topic of Hacktoberfest. Now that I know where topics are discussed I plan to be more active with the Joplin community going forward.

A beautiful icon. Glad to see in one of your messages that you intend to get more involved in Joplin. It's a pity this wasn't in time for the poll (it would have got my thumbs up :slight_smile:

Good wishes for future work.

Come on guys. Etho201 clearly has the best icon by far. Let’s let one more squeak in. All those in favor?

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Thanks! Certainly it would be great to hear from the community on this, but I suppose ultimately it's @laurent's call to make... :pray:

This is a Democracy. Even a presidential vote can have a write in candidate. I’m sure if we can get enough people to say I, he’ll open the poll again. He just started round two. Perhaps he’ll allow round two to complete and then pit yours against the winner. That would be fine too. You’re not out of options yet my friend. I’ll keep rooting for you. But I’m not gonna win any elections alone. C’mon guys. Speak up. Let those keyboards be heard!

I’m chiming in a bit late here, but this is the first I’ve seen of the logo redesign initiative.

  • First, I really like the designs that work in a representation of a page.
  • C Keeps your color however the J is mis-shapen. Like B, the J doesn’t stand out. If you go with this one, make the all of the lines other than the J thinner, a neutral color, lighter, or some combination thereof.
  • I like B the most IF you stroke the right edge of the page to look like a J, otherwise this is a non-starter. Folks must have something in the logo that semantically associates with the name of the app.
  • D does maintain the association to your current logo but the letterform is mis-shapen and it’s not doing anything more than the current one does. Doesn’t seem to be a point to selecting this one unless you don’t like the others and the current one is not an option.
  • E is inventive but confusing. Negative space can be effective but the meaning needs to be immediately obvious.

Finally, this is rather late in the game, but I believe the two designs pictured in the attached image address the issues raised:

  • The shape and gradient fill of the J hearkens back to the current logo while updating the look. You could choose the sans serif J option to be a little more modern but people will more readily associate the serif option with your product if they already know it by the current logo. You might use the serif option now and the sans in the future to signal a major product feature release.
  • The J is prominent and semantically associated with the name of the app.
  • The page element is present but de-emphasized with thinner lines, a neutral color, and lighter tone to give prominence to the J.
  • A primary feature of Joplin is that it’s a markdown editor. It might be nice to add that to the logo so those unfamiliar with it will immediately recognize this when they see the logo. However, if you plan on expanding past markdown then you’d definitely want to leave this off.
  • I included a button option. It probably makes sense to have that as a dock icon in most UIs.
  • The attached PNG image is sufficient to get an idea of what the logos would look like but, if you want to use or modify it, let me know how send you the Inkscape SVG file. Raster formats aren’t very easy to edit and loose fidelity as time goes on.
  • If you want to use this design, I’ll transfer copyright to the developer. I’m enjoying the web-clip and self-hosted aspects of Joplin immensely.
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I love the paper clip for this web-clipping note-taker. :+1:
A partial fill on the paperclip would make the J more obvious.


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Thank you for the feedback! I noticed the paperclip almost looks like a backwards C rather than a J. If the poll is reopened to include other designs I will modify it by moving the paperclip down just a little closer to the top of the paper (making it a tighter clip), and that should make the J more apparent.

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My thought of making the paper clip green goes back to the other post where it looks a little like the elephant’s trunk from Evernote. Naturally we couldn’t infringe on their copyright. But this is clearly a paper clip, not an elephant. Not a green elephant. And while they can copyright a green elephant, they can’t copyright green.