New Joplin icon, second round - poll is closed

The quest for a new Joplin icon continue - first many thanks for the votes and feedback! It definitely helped getting a better sense of what would make a great icon.

Taking all this into account, the remaining candidates are the 5 following icons. The first three were the top voted icons, and the following two are based on the feedback here and on the forum.

Again that would be great if you could vote for your top 2 icons. I expect the winner among these will be the next Joplin icon. Also of course general feedback is welcome too!

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

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(Sorry, I had to start over for changing the poll. So everybody who’s already voted, please vote again.)

I like option D. Options A, B, and C remind me of toilet paper rolls…


In the forum (its also based on discourse) I saw a poll-function. Wouldn’t that be a good idea for decisions like this?

Anyway I would go for D, because Joplin is much more than only a note taking app.

@nr458h, yes if we were to have this kind of poll frequently it would make sense to find a plugin or something for it.

@laurent there’s actually already a poll system included. I’ve edited your original post.


If forced to change from the current one I would go for D.

I did have an icon suggestion here but decided to delete it as we are a bit beyond that now!


Thanks! I didn’t know about it.

As the poll had to be re-created to change the settings, please vote again even if you have already done so.

E is weird and B, C are just too boring and generic, so nobody vote for them pls :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can we add the original one as option as well?


No, sorry, those were the most voted on options.

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And I thought about slightly un-bending the J's tail. :slight_smile:

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This is rather a matter of perspective. The use of negative space (as an addition to the already outer form) is brilliant. It might look weird, but it has the most thought-out concept. I wish I would have come up with this icon. I’m not a designer, but I learned a lot about art and design concepts and this one is truly smart.

But I also like the original icon as it was very recognizable compared to other icons, thus D is also a nice simple icon, which leans more towards the whole elephant/trunk idea discussed in previous topics.

Finding an icon is incredibly hard and I’m very curious which one will be the new Joplin icon.

I definitely prefer the current one.

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I see no problem with the current one and so prefer D as an alternate as it is close to the current. Bill

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I think the J icon already won the hearts of people that use the app. That’s why there are so many voices for D. It is on the familiar field and as close to simple J as could be. I think that the outcome of this poll is predetermined. Place all of them on a same background, and you will sell more of the deviance.

If @laurent is sure about the need to make a change, maybe he should trust his heart or a marketing pro on this. But really the J icon is already so deep in us it is hard to move away from it.

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D is just too music looking as for E…seriously? that needed to be redone at least once to even be on the list.

I voted for A & C, B is exactly toilet paper, though nothing against it, some poets used to write on it, in the absence of cigarette boxes :slight_smile: Now, from D & E, I prefer the original Joplin icon, it's more austere, simple and to the point. E is too abstract, almost robotic or a sign from an obscure language and D is oscillating between calligraphic and typographic modes. I could say that the original icon is my preference, counting what I've voted as well. Actually, from the offered selection I prefer just A, and I would change my vote including solely A.

Yes, unbending or un-curling would be fine.