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Alternative macOS icon?

Just been doing some tests for an alternative icon on macOS, because the current one looks a bit off compared to other icons.

So I’ve added a bit of white/gray gradient on the “J” and a white border, plus some subtle shadows. What do you think? Should we switch to this icon or keep the old one?



The removal of your tried and tested avatar initially made me think there was some kind of account impersonation going on…



Well I wanted to change my avatar but in the end I didn’t know what to put, so I’ve just removed it :grin:




I prefer the existing one, I feel like the circle/gradient style feels a bit dated. I do think the corner radius on the existing icon is wrong and makes it seem a little off.
Here is my recommendation :

This matches the Finder icon radius, 40px at 822px (1024px with a transparent border).

After vs Before:


Just from looking at the screenshots I would say @uxamanda 's suggestion is rather clever. Just by altering the corner radius the Joplin icon keeps true to the main app icon yet looks perfectly at home on the dock.

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The avatar had so much personality in it that I honestly am finding the absence of it pretty unnerving…

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Yes that might be it, the existing corners are more iOS-style which is why it looks off on desktop. Let’s see what other users think, but I might change it to your icon suggestion then.

I see that most professionally designed icons have a subtle shadow on the central object so I might try to add one too.

Say the man with default gravatar icon :grin:

I was looking for a more subtle icon actually, since it shows up a bit everywhere, but yes didn’t know what to pick in the end.

Yeah, more apt I guess …

OH, THANKS! So my suggestion was not subtle and “corporate” enough? (… and possibly open to a few “copyright issues”) :slight_smile:

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Done :slight_smile: And thanks @uxamanda for the suggestion!

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Somewhat ironically, and for better or worse, macOS Big Sur has changed the norms for application icons to more closely resemble those of iOS:

That said, the corner radius is only one of the aspects of the icon design that doesn't follow the (updated and ever-changing) HIG. Icons are generally supposed to at least vaguely resemble physical objects while still implying a rounded rectangle. Might it be reasonable, say, for the Joplin icon to have a binding on the left-hand side in order to suggest the appearance of a notebook?

I could try and take a stab at this myself...

We've actually changed the icon not long ago so the basic J would stay the same but if you have some ideas for the macOS icon specifically, feel free to give it a try.

Oh, yes, the J is cool! I just noticed that the inside is a musical note!