Enable / disable Markdown parsing / rendering

Joplin has a great markdown parsing / rendering feaeture. It higlights text in the editor and shows a rendered markdown in the preview window, but it comes at a cost.

I have a text document which is 20kb in size.
Each time I edit / cut / paste a big chunk of that document (20+ lines) it freezes for half a minute.
I suspect that it’s because of Markdown parsing / rendering.

After the edit, I can scroll for ~0.1 seconds and there is no markdown highligt on the text.
But after the said ~0.1 seconds, Joplin freezes for half a minute and then shows the text highlights.

Also other note taking apps (Standard Notes, CherryTree) and text editors (Notepad++, Kate) have no trouble handling that document.

I suggest to add a on/off switch in the Joplin settings to completely disable markdown support.
Or an individual switch to every individual note.

Can this be easily implemented?
What do you think?

You can upload this note as a JEX file somewhere? It’s possible that the rendering can simply be optimised and so there won’t be a need to disable it.

Not overly helpful but I thought I would mention that I cannot reproduce this. Joplin 1.0.179 - Win 10 & Linix Mint 19.3 - 137kB note - cutting / pasting about 35 lines. Also copying the entire note and pasting in again making a 274kB note and cutting and pasting within that. Immediate render and using a custom userstyle.css. Text contains standard markdown including tables and fenced code that needs interpreting as well (php).

Sorry, but I can’t upload the note, it’s too personal.

I guess my setup is too low end anyway.
Sorry for taking your time.

Did you really mean to attach that JEX file? It looks like a backup (738 notes - 11 resources) rather than a single note…

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@betternote I deleted your comment due to privacy concerns. I doubt you want all your notes splattered all over the Internet.


I’m confused and stupid for not checking the contents! Thank you for deleting the attachment.
Here is a new file, exported from a separate notebook. It contains only one note with harmless content.export.jex (6 KB)

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I am not a dev, just a user, but I thought I would try your note to see if I could reproduce your problem.

On my testing VM (Win10) I could not reproduce any lag or delays with your note. The only way I could induce lag was to drop the core count and RAM and start a sync whilst editing. Then the editor / rendered note became intermittently unresponsive.

Are you running Joplin on a lower specification computer or one that is doing lots of other intensive tasks at the same time?

My Macbook Pro from 2010 is quite old.

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 2,6 GHz
  • RAM: 8 Gb
  • Core: 2

Joplin sync with a folder on the computer, every 10 minutes.
Many applications are launched at same time: web browser, mail client, text editor and indeed Joplin itself!
I use it to prepare drafts of mails or testing some CSS rules ie.

I would have thought that those specs were enough to keep Joplin happy, even with the other programs running. I am not a Mac user or programmer so I am afraid I cannot suggest what you could do next to troubleshoot this.

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