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Joplin forum massive memory hog

Hello, on android, whether in chrome, brave or bromite, Joplin forum seems to be cache-ing 1-2gb of data in a period of 2-4 days of clearing said cache. Is there a setting one can toggle to not encounter this further?

Thank you.

After posting the issue, I had deleted the cache. 3hrs later:

In the meantime I opened the forum once, did not scroll down or open any other posts but this one.

I’m not sure, since I use Opera (Chrome based) and Firefox, but could it be that you have “offline pages” or something similar applied in the preferences? Then Chrome would download the pages you visit or even much content from the site. Maybe what I say is just silly, but it’s worth a further investigation.

Hello, no, I do not have offline pages enabled or downloaded the page. This is purely cache. Right now it’s at 0.93gb and growing.

Discourse is hosting our forum so you’d need to check with them.