Joplin for Windows 3.1

Just a small project I've been working on to port Joplin over to Windows 3.1, no big deal.
I don't want to deal with Windows 11, Linux is far too fiddly and Apple is far too expensive so I went back to what I considered the perfect operating system.
Some very simple porting of Joplin and literally all of its dependencies to 3.1 and 16-bit later and it is fully functional!


  • 800x600 screen resolution for true note taking immersion
  • Fully incompatible sync with standard Joplin clients
  • Themeable using standard 3.1 themes like the eyecatching Hotdog stand

Download link coming later! Enjoy!


Is a port to ZX 81 in the works too?
Cant believe my mum threw mine out !

Of course, just need to get it down a few more kb and I'll upload an mp3 you can record on casette

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a simple port of Electron, node.js and literally every other dependencies

Sounds like a quick afternoon project :grinning:

Have you considered porting all this to oscilloscope? They have Quake on it after all, so Joplin should be easy.


Wow!! Great job! :clap:

Of course, wonder if I should port the codebase to analogue in the process...

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When you take backward compatibility too seriously :sweat_smile:

Well if they are going to say Electron is cross-platform then they better mean it!


April Fools?


Wow! I see from the toolbar in your screenshot that this Joplin version lets you have text columns, text wrapping around pictures, diagrams and charts.


That's better than the "vanilla" official version!!!!

Of course you could be trying to trick us..... they're plugins aren't they...

Ssh... thats a secret for later, a project to replace TinyMCE with the unrivalled power of Microsoft Write

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I... sort of love this version! :smile:


I'm glad I'm not the only one, the original goal was just that it would look awful, clunky and out of date but it really did start to grow on me.

And then there is hotdog stand (also shows my filthy lie of a toolbar):


This reminds me of changing all the colors on my dad's work machine to be the same color when I was a kid. Turns out, you can change EVERY color such that there are no more buttons when you hit save. Required some lucky clicking to back out of that decision... At least that's how I remember it :slight_smile:


I like the look of the port a lot. I do not mind using it on win 11 if there was a skin for it.

This sounds like the origin story for a css supervillain.

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:joy: brb gotta figure out how to use css for evil

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In my first job I got told off for "hacking" the terminal emulator on one of the PCs we used to access the system, I made it bright pink and green.

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Brings back memories, doing the same with Ashton Tate's "Framework IV" suite.
Right before Lotus Notes and Lotus 1-2-3 blew them away ....



:scream: Proof that civilization is doomed :smiley: