Joplin error in Android version 10.0.1

yesterday i updated my Android version to 10.0.1 on my oneplus A5010.
After that i get an error message in Joplin when i press the sync button in Joplin:
"Could not read directory: /storage/emulated/0/myjoplin/locks. Attemps to get lenght of null array. Path: /storage/emulated/0/myjoplin/locks".
And synchronisation stopped working.
i am using the latest version of joplin: 1.3.13

Hi, Am i the only one with this error? 44 persons read my contribution/question, but no answer.
I cannot use Joplin anymore for several days now.
I have search for equivalent errors and it seems that it has to do with permissions in Android. But i have given Joplin already all permissions: storage space, camera and location. I can't see what i can do more.
Can someone help? Any tips will be much appreciated.

I have updated Joplin to 1.4.11 but no progress.

This might be fixed in the next release. I do not have any devices running Android 10, so I could not test it but I think it should help.

Ok, thank you very much for your answer. I'll wait till the next release. Hopely will follow soon.

this weekend i noticed this new release of Joplin. And i became very happy :grin:: I updated and now all is working normal again on my oneplus 5T. :whale:
Thank you very, very much.

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This was the fix if you were wondering, odd thing is now joplin on android can't seem to detect the synced files.