Joplin deleted all my notes

Hey, can anyone tell me how I can recover my notes as it got deleted? I am using a Mac latest version.
Also if I use time machine to back up my mac would that also recover the notes?
I been using onenote to back it up it shows there I something there but when I resynch there is nothing but just folders getting made. But it is empty.

Thank you

also had the fail safe on so is there anything anyone can suggest to put my notes back up

Well the app doesn't randomly delete all notes, I don't think we've implemented that feature yet. Any chance you can provide more information?

yes sorry so i was getting this error that it wont synch properly so I turned off synch and enabled it by adding it back on. It created a new App folder and Joplin and was synching when I went to sleep. I woke up it deleted all the notes so I'm not sure what happened after that.

You probably changed the sync path and didn't copy the notes to the new path first? We have a message about it:

Attention: If you change this location, make sure you copy all your content to it before syncing, otherwise all files will be removed! See the FAQ for more details: FAQ | Joplin

You can indeed restore from Time Machine by copying the .config/joplin-desktop folder

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