Joplin data API over internet (in 2021)


I have recently started to use Joplin because its data APIs, which allowed me to automate a certain workflow: generate some content (pictures and HTML text) through a web app and save it to Joplin as a new note/resource using the API.

Things have been working fine as long as everything is running on my local machine, but now I would like to move my content-generating web app to the cloud, which seems to break the integration as Joplin API only listens to localhost.

Doing a bit of googling, I found a number of older topics which mentions stuff like SSH Tunnels or reverse proxies which seems a bit hacky to me, at least for my application.

On the other hand, the recent additions of Joplin Server and Joplin Cloud might add new ways of doing what I am trying to do, but what I could read mostly focused on them being a a full fledged sync solution rather than a "simple" way to expose the APIs (and I am not even sure that they in fact expose the APIs somehow).

To clarify what I am trying to do: I want my app, hosted somewhere on the cloud, to be able to create notes and resources into some sort of "Joplin Server", ideally also running in the cloud or in some sort of server (Raspberry Pi?) exposed to the internet, and from there sync with my clients (OneDrive sync has been working fine for me, but I assume if I set up a Joplin Server/have a Joplin Cloud account, this would take care of sync as well).

What is the easiest way to achieve all this?

As far as I know, you can also use joplin cli, install it on the server and use it as one of the synchronization clients (I haven't used this)

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Also, have a look at this: Change WebClipper's host and port

Please note that the traffic is in such a case not encrypted. Thus I'd rather suggest an SSH tunnel.

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Thanks for the replies: so, am I correct assuming that neither Joplin Server nor Joplin Cloud provide, by themselves, a way to access the APIs over internet?

I would still need to have a Joplin CLI client installed on the same machine and/or an SSH tunnel or similar between them?

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