Creating an alternative client that syncs with the Joplin data format for unsupported OSs


I use multiple systems and I'm happy with Joplin. I use it to sync notes with my Mac, Linux, and iPhone. However, I also have an OpenBSD box, and it's difficult to get the Joplin client working there.

I was considering writing a very simple alternative client which, at least, allows me to create and edit notes and sync them via the filesystem. The client would read and write from the synchronization folder (.md files, info.json, locks, temp).

After some research, I haven't found any documentation on the synchronization data format (which is the one I would use for the client) or how to parse the Joplin folder items.

The last resort is reading the source code, but I'm not very familiar with Javascript.

Is there any documentation, any starting pointers that I could work with?


How about building;g wrapper around the CLI?

Unless there is another CLI, the official CLI also uses Node, so it doesn't work either on OpenBSD