Change WebClipper's host and port

I should be a fairly "easy" and needed to be able to configure what host and port webclipper will connect to. I have another machine that is running joplin on the same LAN that I want to use webclipper from. If I could only configure the host ip on it it would supposedly just work.

I tried a workaround thought that caused an unexpected behavior. I ran socat TCP-LISTEN:41184,fork TCP: on the remote machine, where is the machine where joplin is running, i was intending to port foward my to the server in order to make it work. But then, when viewing webclipper it said "searching", which it wasn't before, but firefox suddenly used so much ram that I had to restart the machine.

The machine is a ubuntu 20.04 lts. It has low resources. Maybe that is a bug on the webclipper plugin? Is there another tested way i could port forward it....

The webclipper only listens on the loopback interface, thus you have to use a bit of a workaround.

On the machine with the webclipper service do this:

socat TCP4-LISTEN:2006,fork TCP4:

On your machine with the browser, this:

socat TCP4-LISTEN:41184,fork TCP4: 

That should do the trick.

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