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It appears that Joplin Cloud is offline which is preventing synchronization. I'm getting '502 Bad Gateway' both on my phone and Mac desktop app.


Me too - on Windows 11 home surface pro, using firefox. Also can't publish notes, same error as Adam. Thanks.

Add me to the list - I’m getting the 502 Gateway error on two iOS devices.

I also have the "bad gateway" error when syncing to the Joplin cloud. It happened immediately after I applied the latest Joplin update (2.14.22).

Same here — visiting also results in a 502 Bad Gateway error.

Not working from here as well... Error 502.

Ditto and seeing the history of past downtimes involving maintenance, would be nice for us paying customers to have Joplin Cloud status displayed at Also would be great if the app had at least one very obvious alert when sync doesn't happen because I just went to the grocery store and didn't have the shopping list on my phone which I'd spent 15 minutes entering on my laptop while browsing digital coupons!


Same here.
Same Issue reported at

Apologies for these connectivity issues lately. There are two problems:

  1. Some condition is making the server fail at the moment and it's not entirely clear why. We'll do our best to find out the reason and fix it as soon as possible.

  2. More importantly, an update to the configuration means that the server was not being restarted automatically in case of failure, which means it would stay down for much longer than usual. In fact previously the server would fail now and then, as can happen, but nobody would notice because it would be restarted quickly. And in the meantime we would fix whatever the issue was. This was no longer happening because of this configuration issue.

Now issue 2 has been fixed - so even if it fails again the server will be restarted immediately so you probably won't notice it anymore. For issue 1, we're going to find a solution as soon as possible and keep you informed.

Again sorry for these issues lately and please note that these failures are always things like out of memory issues or the database connection being overloaded - the data itself is not at risk in either of these cases, and once the server is online you can start synchronising again.

Edit: As for the status page, you can find it here: Joplin Status


Thanks for restarting and you also might be interested in which is a free service I use for monitoring my server and receiving alerts when it's down, because you never know when some other new issue might happen.

We get emails and text messages when the server is down but unfortunately no-one was available to restart the server at that time.

Continue to be unable to re-install joplin on my MacBookAir M1. The links on find on joplin site do not work at all.

A similar issue was reported here.

As a workaround, Joplin can be installed from its GitHub repository: Releases · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Can the status page link be added to the forum's top navbar?