Sync not working with AppImage in Debian Linux


I just installed Joplin on my Debian Linux (Debian Stretch with latest “stable” updates) using the latest AppImage from the Website (Joplin 0.10.25).

Unlike in the Android App it does not show me any option to select the synchronization target in the settings (I would like to sync with Nextcloud/WebDAV).

When I click on the “Synchronize” Button in the main Window nothing happens. I would assume that it would show me a warning that no sync service has been set up or let me configure one. Apart from Nextcloud I would not even see where I can configure the (default) DropBox service.

a) Is Synchronization with Nextcloud supported in the Linux version yet?
b) Where can I configure synchronization in the Linux version at all?

Thanks a lot!

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This works for me in Debian. Maybe a matter of knowing how to set up?

I went to Tools>General Options, then chose WebDAV as ‘Synchronization Target’. Fill in the fields as necessary and you can check if it is set up first. The WebDAV URL included the full path to a folder I made to store my Joplin data. After sync, I see the files there.

Hi Michael,
thanks for your response. In the tools menu I only have one item “Options” and not “General Options”. In this section I can only set language and some general settings but not “Synchronization target”. For your reference I attached a screenshot. It seems some settings are missing!?
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It seems I downloaded a very old version Joplin from the website (Linux AppImage: Joplin 0.10.25). When I went to the start page and downloaded the AppImage again I got version 1.0.104 which has all the settings for WebDav and Nextcloud. Either the link was wrong or I downloaded Joplin from a different outdated source.
Thanks for your help.
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I’m still having this problem. My version of Joplin is up to date.