Joplin Cloud Size Doesn't Match Simple Backup

I have a Joplin Cloud subscription and I also use the Simple Backup plugin. On Joplin Cloud, it shows a certain number of megabytes that I'm using, and oddly, this is far bigger (about 40% bigger) than the backups created by the Simple Backup plugin. In the plugin options, I have compression set to "Copy" so there is no compression, so that can't be the reason. What could be causing this huge discrepancy? I'm using Joplin 2.11.11.

The Simple backup does not include revisions of the notes and attachments.


Ah, I see. Is it not possible to get the plugin to include attachments?

You've got it wrong. There are only no revisions of the notes and revisions of the file attachments included in the backup.
revisions = history of changes

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Oh okay, I understand now. Thank you!

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