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The last release of joplin desktop is 2.6.6 - Does this mean that the last release of joplin cli is also 2.6.6?
I have version 2.6.1 of joplin terminal and it doesn't update since many days. I don't know if it is my fault. I am on arch linux and I trying to update with this command:

NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.joplin-bin npm update -g joplin  

but the version number stucks at 2.6.1 since three weeks or so.
Any ideas?

You can see the current releases here:

The CLI ones are prefixed with cli-
2.6.1 is still the latest version of the CLI app, it won't always follow the desktop app, for example if changes are only made in respect to UI elements they won't be reflected in the CLI version. Same goes for mobile releases.

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I see, thank you!
My problem is that I can't backup joplin anymore with my script (joplin --profile ... export --format ...) because the Profil-Version (41) of joplin-desktop 2.6.6 is not compatible with the Profil-Version (39) of joplin-cli 2.6.1.
So, I must wait.

Is your CLI app connected to your desktop database directly then using the --profile flag? This is why it isn't recommended (or supported) to have the different clients linked like this using that flag.

If it is just a backup you need then you can literally just take a copy of your profile directory (usually ~.config/joplin-desktop) and do a JEX export from Joplin for good measure.
Alternatively install the "simple backup" plugin, configure it in the options menu and it will do it all for you.

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I don't really use the CLI app as such, but only in order to make a daily backup with a script similar to the one here. I hope that should not cause trouble?
I installed the simple backup plugin but for some reason I didn't like it. I'll give it another try.
Thank you!

So the reason why it isn't supported is mostly to stop multiple clients connecting at the same time to a single database and trying to alter it - in that sense the CLI app is no different from having multiple desktop apps running at once pointing at the same profile.

I guess there isn't technically a problem with what you are trying but it does come with a caveat that it isn't supported for normal use as such and as you have found upgrades to the application version will cause it to change (under normal use where the two apps are sync'd then you wouldn't have it as a problem) because the sync target will be compatible on both vs the profile version which only really matters locally to that single client.
Basically it isn't something that is reliable and when you are doing it for something for resiliance then the solution isn't a good one.

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Great. I'll install the plugin. Thanks!

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