Joplin Android: Compact toolbar in sidebar

On smaller mobile displays the toolbar pane takes up a large part of the space in the sidebar, so that only quite a few notebook entries can be displayed above it.

An option for compact toolbar display would be great, e.g. showing all toolbar icons in a single row, without any labels. The resulting space saving would greatly improve navigating the thus vertically extended notebook tree.


This would really be great. In your case the situation isn't that bad, but here I can literally see only 5 notebooks, with the other toolbar entries taking about 40% of the vertical space (and I don't even use some of them, e.g. tags).

@tomasz86 you're absolutely right, when the app is freshly opened, only 5 notebooks are visible on a HD display (due to additional sync messages and the header fields "All notes" and "Notebooks"):

As a suggestion, here a revised mockup of a possible layout that would even show up to 14 notebook entries on a HD display. This would require much less scrolling and provide a better overview of the notebook tree:

The "All notes" button could possibly be moved to the compact toolbar as well, and the "Notebooks" header bar could perhaps be omitted altogether. The detailed sync log messages could be replaced with a one-line status message (may be expandable by means of tapping on it).

After the Android client took a huge step forward with the new text editor, an improved notebook navigation pane could be a great next evolution in terms of the app's UX. I would be very much looking forward to it...

And thanks to all developers for this great and unique note application!


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