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hey everybody, I had three accounts and I deleted 2 of them in the JSON document, I don't know how it happened and now joplin doesn't start!

what should I do?

@gnomii welcome to the forum.

It seems that when deleting the info from profiles.json you have left something where it should not be or have deleted a bit too much!

You have deleted two of three so if the remaining account is the DEFAULT account you can just delete ~/.config/joplin-desktop/profiles.json or C:\Users\zainalabdeen\.config\joplin-desktop\profiles.json.

Alternatively paste your current profiles.json file here and we can have a look to see what is wrong with it.

thanks for your response but I still don't know what to do! Should I past what you gave me in terminal? It just denied the premission!

where could I found my current profiles.json?

The paths above are the location of the profiles.json file. You do not say what OS you are using so I included both Windows and Linux type paths:

Linux (MacOS?)
For Linux .config is a hidden folder so if you are using a file manager you may have to switch on "view hidden files"


well brother I am not understanding, because I don't know how to use this phrases you gave me.

What is your Operating System?

The path to profiles.json is visible on the screenshot in the first message. And it looks to be MacOS

it is macos.

when i past the phrases up there i got just the response: the premission was denied!
zsh: permission denied: /Users/zainalabdeen/.config/joplin-desktop/profiles.json
zainalabdeen(at)MacBook-Air-von-Zainalabdeen ~ % ~/.config/joplin-desktop/profiles.json

You need to open /Users/zainalabdeen/.config/joplin-desktop/profiles.json in any text editor and paste the contents here

alright, lets try it!

i just cant find the profile json! so i went to the resources and then to app.asar and node_models but than there is no profiles.json

I do not use MacOS but I believe that basic file management commands are the same as Linux, so:

In a terminal type:

cd ~/.config/joplin-desktop


mv profiles.json profiles.old

Then close the terminal and start Joplin.

Bro thanks, i kiss your eyes it worked.

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