Problem with sync process [Unknown error 2 (403)]

Hi there,

I have 3 joplin clients connected to my NAS webDAV driver. Two androids and one in windows 10.

I successful installed the first one (Android client) and I am able to sync between this client and my NAS. The joplin version in my android phone is 1.0.324

Then I installed the windows client and I cannot get it to sync with my NAS. I have a successful sync check within the app but when joplin start to sync I’v got this error:


I am using the joplin client version 1.0.197

Since I’ve got a valid sync check I cannot get why then I have this error…

Thanks in advanced any advice!

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Hi, I’ve found out that the problem is because Joplin (portable v1.0.200 win10) is trying to delete an md file in the repository (NAS with WebDAV setup), and the file is no longer there:

2020-04-14 11:59:47: "Req 11:59:29: DELETE https://***************/joplin/ {"headers":{"Authorization":"********","If-None-Match":"JoplinIgnore-42978","User-Agent":"Joplin/1.0"},"timeout":120000,"maxRetry":0}"
2020-04-14 11:59:47: "Res 11:59:29: <html>
<head><title>403 Forbidden</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white">
<center><h1>403 Forbidden</h1></center>

I can recall that I deleted it from the same Joplin client (portable v1.0.200 win10) that is having this sync issue.

How can I fix this?

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Sadly I was starting to have the same issues with my android Joplin client (delete a file that is not in my NAS)
Finally, I could not fix it. So, for the case of the android client, I deleted the data app in the app android configuration and then let Joplin start from scratch. Before to set up the sync with my NAS, I removed the welcome notes, and after that, I synchronized. Everything is working now. I did more and less the same with the portable client.

So, in the day by day usage, if you are creating a notes in Joplin clients and then you delete it before the sync process, you might see this issue. I was able to replicate this issue two times.