Joplin 2.10.18 does not open after update from 2.10.17


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Joplin 2.10.18 does not open after update from 2.10.17
Mac OS 13.3.1 (a)

White screen of death is attached.
Cannot close it either w/o Force Quit

Could you check the console and post the errors here? How to enable debugging | Joplin

no debugging tools under Joplin's help menu:

Starting joplin via terminal by using:

joplin --debug --log-level debug

brings this error: zsh: command not found: joplin

@laurent, I was able to recover from the bug reported above by uninstalling version 2.10.18 and installing 2.10.17. All data was recovered.

Now I upgraded from 2.10.17 to a 2.10.19 and exactly the same thing happened again - I would ask you to look into it, please. After uninstalling 2.10.19, I was able to re-install 2.10.17 and everything works again.

I am unable to do any debugging as I described previously as it is not available.

Any plugin?

Good point @laurent - forgot about these.
Checked all plugins off, then able to upgrade without any issues.

By clicking each and every plugin on one at the time and restarting joplin, I was able to find that the MacOS Theme plugin is incompatible with these updates.

@laurent It appears that plugins are commonly an issue and many of them are not updated on a regular basis. What would you think about automatically switching all plugins off during the update of the Joplin, and letting the users to initialize each plugin one at the time to make sure the plugins are not interfering with the app?

Are you using emojis? It sounds related to Plugin freezes Joplin · Issue #96 · andrejilderda/joplin-macos-native-theme · GitHub

Anyone told the author that his plugin breaks the latest version of Joplin?

@laurent, I just did.

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no - this plug in is the problem: Plugin: 🎨 macOS theme for Joplin

Could you share your list of plugins @bre? I cannot replicate this crash

Here are my plugins, with the exception of one that broke installation of the new version of joplin.

A way to reproduce is to have an hierarchy of notebooks with emojis. By the way, I can reproduce the issue with only macOS-native-theme

@Monsieur and @joplin_user you are absolutely correct - I do use emojis in my notebook names - I did not even realize that this can be an issue!

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