Issue with Copy & Paste into Virtual Terminal

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.13.8 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 634c0101a691421e8af405ade19f6057
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 604dcbc

Better Code Blocks: 1.1.0
Copy Code Blocks: 1.1.0
Cursor Sync: 2.1.0
Emoji: 1.0.4
Enhanced Editing: 0.1.0
Ez Table: 1.0.2
Font Size Shortcut: 1.0.0
Highlight Matching: 0.1.0
Markdown Prettier: 0.1.0
Markdown Table: Colorize: 1.1.4
Markdown Table: Sortable: 1.2.2
Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons: 1.1.0
Note Tabs: 1.4.0
Quick Links: 1.3.0
Rich Markdown: 0.13.4
Save Note as MD: 1.0.2
Search & Replace: 2.2.0
Templates: 2.4.0
Text Colorize: 1.2.5

What issue do you have?

I am having issues when trying to copy and paste text from Joplin to my virtual machine terminal. It doesn't happen every time but often enough to make it hard to use. I select the text to copy in Joplin, right click and select copy (this happens when I use control c as well). When I paste into my terminal in the VM it is the previous text that was copied into the clipboard, not the text I just copied. When this happens I have to paste the text into a plain text editor and copy again. Then I'm able to paste the new text into the terminal.

I thought maybe one of the plugins I added is causing the issue? I really like Joplin but this is enough to cause me to switch to something else.


I doubt it's a Joplin issue, clipboard access between the host and client VMs has always been a little dicey. I've had similar issues when using Hyper-V, less so but still not 100% when using VirtualBox.

I regularly enter a password using KeePass autotype to a VM, I found that I could not rely on the clipboard to cut and paste but HAD to use autotype with a delay between each character in order to be ~99% successful.

Thank you for your reply. I fixed the issue by switching to Cherry Tree, which does not give me the same issues. In reality, most of the editors I tried did not give me the same copy & paste issues.

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